Abu Dhabi - 1 - new.PNG

​A mobile app that allows citizens, residents, and visitors, to have access to all the urban planning and municipal services on one site and one mobile app.

Broshura - 1 - new.PNG is a mobile application that provides you with a convenient way to browse all catalogs on your smartphone.

Coke Detector.PNG

Application for Advertisement of Coca Cola Zero Sugar in HydePark. App use camera to recognizes new can and make GIF from taken images.

Plotaverse - 1 - new.PNG

Mobile Application for creating mind-blowing animated live photo & video fx that can be shared on any social media platform. 

M2M - 1 - new .PNG

M2M Services is a Mobile Apps for Signaling Alarms & Smart Home App.


Application for solving Driving exams. Users can use the 3D Video Training section with answers.


Mobile platform for

e-bikes & IoTs.

Econic One mobile app assures a seamless experience for the end-user navigating through the smart features of the electric bicycle.

Avtoikonom Driver 1.PNG

Uber-like Driver app to support communication with clients for their AvtoIkonom requests about servicing their cars in service stations.


App for connection between end-user and his bank loan account. The user can manage his loan - request to pay more or pay less and recalculate loan fee every month.

Avtoikonom - 1 - Samsung.png

Авто Иконом is a mobile application that helps how people and companies maintain and service their vehicles, by reducing car repair and maintenance chores for their owners.

Perry Health 1.PNG

Perry Health is a technology-enabled healthcare service that remotely monitors and engages patients when they’re not in the doctor's office.


B2B platform that allows their fleets to manage, maintain and automate the e-bikes in the ecosystem.

Perry Health - web - 1.PNG

Web admin for healthcare service that remotely monitors and engages patients when they’re not in the doctor's office.

Carscentral - 1 - web.PNG

Web Admin for super admin that can manage - update, edit, process all service requests in the platform.

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