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avtoikonom cover red waves and screens from the app
Avtoikonom by CarsCentral red logo
Custom web and mobile platform that allows two-way communication and digitalized processes for customer service and management in the field of car maintenance, insurance and leasing.

• Frontend

• Backend

• UX/UI Design

• Quality Assurance


• React Native, React

• NodeJS, PostgreSQL

• Figma, Adobe Illustrator

• Selenium, SoapUI


• Web application

• Client's Mobile app

• Backend

• Automation tests

• Driver's Mobile app

About the client

Avtoikonom was founded in 2016 by Emil Stavrev, Stoyan Simov and Todor Gigilev with the idea to improve and simplify the way people and businesses maintain and manage their vehicles. The main product of the company is a mobile app that connects a car owner to a professional driver who would pick up the car, service it and return it to the owner. 

The challenge

The challenge for our team was to build web and mobile platforms consisting complete set of digital tools for customer service and experience, shared calendars and schedules, own ecosystem enablement, and a digital service book.

A digital SaaS platform that establishes a two-way virtual connection with car owners, car services and maintenance providers, their partners, and 3rd party service providers and services.

The solution

We designed and created a web platform and  mobile application for Android and iOS so that customers are able to manage their cars, make service requests with option to choose a pick-up driver or drive the car themselves.

We developed the admin portal that allows the AvtoIkonom admins to manage all the service requests, add drivers and new licensees, and make custom promotions.

With the custom design and UX our team made sure that the platforms are intuitive and easy to use.

Web application

Features & functionalities

Cross-platform support 

Requests' management - Includes shared calendar and map for requests. It lets the admin and the driver be aligned for the schedule.

Digital offers & protocols - for two-way connection between service or driver and client. 

Digital Service history of every car using the mobile app

User & Data management

Dashboard of avtoikonom web admin

Multiple account types 


Multi-language management - Bulgarian and English supported by now

Google maps integration - allows admins to manage locations

Notifications & Reminders 

Custom promotions - through push and email notifications

Mobile application

Features & functionalities

Door-to-door service - client uses the client's mobile app to request car servicing with a pick-up driver. The Avtoikonom driver himself manages the request using the driver's mobile app.

Service requests - using partners' network of official services. Oil change, tire change, roadside assistance, annual technical inspection & others.

Notifications & reminders - let the user track expiring dates about the car (vignette, annual check & others) and his driving license.

Digital service history - keeps all the car's servicing in one place.

Tire module - add and edit car tires type and model.

Google maps integration

avtoikonom mockup car details
avtoikonom mockup request details
avtoikonom mockup services

The outcome

Working on the Avtoikonom platform (Cars Central by Avtoikonom LTD) for the past few years made us visioners of the digital transformation of customer service and experience in the automotive industry. The innovative and user-friendly platform we took place developing will revolutionise how people and companies maintain and service their vehicles.

What our client say

"Bringing ideas to life, creating a smooth and efficient collaboration"

App Streams has taken the initial idea of Avtoikonom further and developed a user-friendly and functional platform. The team is great at managing the scope and making quick changes to the system as needed.

emil stavrev

Emil Stavrev
CEO of Cars Central by Avtoikonom

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