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Our focus is software development in the field of mobile and web services, providing complete and cutting-edge solutions

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AI implementation

Artificial Intelligence is no longer the future; it's the now.

At App Streams, we're at the forefront of AI innovation, ready to transform your business with cutting-edge AI implementation services. Leveraging powerful tools like OpenAI integration, LangChain, ChromaDB, PostgreSQL and more, we bring the future to your doorstep.

OpenAI integration | Langchain | ChromaDB | PostgreSQL

Mobile development

We create pure native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android following the latest standarts, which are scalable for all compatible devices and accessories.

React Native | Swift | Java | Kotlin

mobile development technologies
frontend web development

Web development

Web development is part of almost every modern software project. We build responsive web applications and sites leveraging advanced technologies. 

ReactJS | Redux | CSS3 | HTML5 | Webpack | Typescript

Backend & DevOps

Make your software fast, efficient, and stable with secure backend infrastructures for any mobile or web app. We integrate DevOps from the very first moments of the product delivery lifecycle.

NodeJS | PostgreSQL | Python | RabbitMQ | ExpressJS | Firebase | AWS | Microservices 

NginX | Firebase| Docker | Jenkins | Github actions 

backend development and devops
ux services

UX/UI Design

All the best solutions have to go through a good design research and process. Our designers provide visual functional and aesthetic solutions for optimal user experience.

Figma | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe XD | Adobe Photoshop

Quality assurance

We verify that functionality meets business objectives. Our Quality Assurance specialists ensure that our test plans guarantee the end-to-end quality of your product.

SoapUI | Selenium | Cypress | Playwright | Robot

quality assurance tools

Additional services

For delivering a complete software development solution.

project management doculent
Project management

To combat chaos and complexity, we provide strategic alignment, leadership, planning, practicality, quality assurance, and proven processes.

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Software delivery

Our broad scope of services allows us to build complex solutions optimised for design, development, support, maintenance and migration.

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We craft a product strategy and apply the best technology solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business needs.

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We provide after-release support and maintenance.
To assure a perfect functioning application we optimize performance and improve functionality.

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