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A joint project with Soft Zen for а mobile application that provides a convenient way to browse numerous shopping catalogs on the smartphone.

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• iOS

• Android


• Mobile application

About the client

The solution

The team's mission is to create a single place for the latest brochures, catalogs, offers and discounts of all Bulgarian stores and help customers to shop conveniently.

We created a mobile application for Android and iOS with store brochures and categories so that customers are able to search, browse and compare hundreds of offers that are updated daily.

The challenge

The challenge for our team was to build a mobile platform that maintains latest stores brochures.

The application has to maintain an up-to-date information, to accumulate and compare promotions in store brochures.

Mobile application

Features & functionalities

Stores' list & categories - includes all the stores in the platform. Gives the user ability to compare products from different places

Brochures, offers and catalogues - product filtering and search option​

Favorites - so everything important is just one click away

Discount cards

mobile phone mockup app
mobile phone mockup app showing Praktiker catalog
mobile phone mockup app showing list of stores

The outcome

The results of our partnership - a smoothly functioning and intuitive mobile application used by thousands of users from all over the country browsing brochures and catalogs, saving money every day.

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