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An artificial intelligence (AI) platform built to help you get the right information simply by asking questions based on sources.

• Frontend

• Backend

• UX/UI Design

• Quality Assurance


• ReactJS

• NodeJS, Langchain

• Figma, Adobe Illustrator

• Cloud & storage


• Responsive web app

• Backend/Azure

• OpenAi integration

About the client

Ethermind offers a new and innovative way for the user to reach a certain type of information. The platform helps industries simplify their work and operations. It could be trained on specific business processes, such as support documentation, allowing different teams to quickly troubleshoot any issues.

The challenge

We were asked to design a simple proof of concept with the main flow on the base of the client’s visions of future use.

Our team had to develop a custom platform that uses different approach for answering questions using AI. We had to combine on an interface level selecting a persona, different sources, tags and therefore reaching a specific tone of voice for getting custom answers.

In just few months it grew into a MVP (minimum viable product).

The solution

We created a high-fidelity prototype for getting feedback on the UX and shortly developed a responsive web platform containing all the models designed.

The implementation is integrated with Chat GPT through Langchain technology. Collaborating with this framework allowed us to extend our capabilities beyond Chat GPT, tapping into a broader range of AI functionalities. This integration enabled our client to unlock actionable insights from large volumes of unstructured data and make data-driven decisions with greater confidence.

Web application

laptop aside2.png

Core features & functionalities

Customisable chat prompt  

Explore limitless conversational possibilities and tailor the interaction

GPT3.5 & GPT4 integration

Experience the next level of language generation

Language model inputs 

Enhance answer's feedback with our cutting-edge AI integration

Compatible sources' formats: txt, docx, mp3, pdf, ppt

Adding tags for uploaded sources

Reach more specific kind of information & help organize and categorize the uploaded sources with ease

Persona creation

Craft distinctive voices effortlessly by using the persona creation feature, allowing user to differentiate tones and styles in his conversations.

Multiple account types

Seamlessly manage the platform with the flexibility of multiple account types, including admin and user roles.

Source passages providing

Dive deep into source materials and extract valuable information efficiently.

Light & Dark theme

Customize visual experience to provide users with an alternative aesthetic experience.

Mobile responsive screens

Our approach

Our responsive web application, crafted in the realm of artificial intelligence, seamlessly incorporates the powerful capabilities of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

Designed and developed with versatility in mind, our web platform is optimized to deliver exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of devices, ranging from mobile phones and tablets to desktop computers.

To enhance user experience, we've streamlined navigation by implementing a sleek and eye-catching hamburger menu design. This intuitive approach ensures that visitors to our website can easily access the wealth of information and services we offer.


The outcome

This project MVP is still being tested and validated to ensure that it meets all the user and market requirements, and is improved accordingly.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds. Meanwhile we are helping to turn this beautiful concept into reality.

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