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doctor working on a laptop using perry health platform
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Perry Health is the human-centered, reimbursement-ready remote patient monitoring platform.
It provides user-friendly mobile and web applications to deliver an unparalleled patient and provider experience on one platform for multiple chronic conditions.

• Frontend

• Backend

• UX/UI Design

• Quality Assurance



• NodeJS (Golang)

• Figma, Adobe Illustrator

• Cypress, SoapUI


• Web application

• Mobile application 

• Backend

• Automation tests

• Python

• React Native

About the client

Perry is at-home diabetes care covered by Medicare. They help seniors take control of their diabetes with doctor-led care, a personalised wellness plan, and access to a personal care team 7-days a week.

The challenge

The challenge for our team was to build web and mobile platforms that would deliver value to both, the patient as well as the medical provider.

They had to be functional, secure, fast and aligned with both the client requirements and brand guidelines.

The solution

We created a web platform and application so that patients are able to track their care plan and medical condition.

The admin portal our team developed allows doctors to manage all their patients, their blood glucose readings, analytics and all other important information.

Web application

Core features & functionalities

Patient & Data management

Tasks' section - keeps the providers track of open items assigned to them

Conversation's page - for two-way connection between patient and provider.

Digital patient history of every patient in the platform.

Glucose readings' analytics

mockup of a tabled displaying perry health app

Documentation management - attach important patient documents

Medications, allergies & supplement section - to keep track of the patient's physical condition

Devices & Orders management

Notifications & Alerts

Mobile application

Features & functionalities

Notes and Time logs - patients can track their daily health routine through a daily questionnaire

Care plan 

Medications section - to keep track of the supplements the patient has to take

Reports - export and email reports


Perry Health login mobile app
Perry Health mobile app account screen
Perry Health monitoring screen mobile app

The outcome

Today Perry Health platform serves patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases by offering personalised care from the comfort of their homes. These are thousands of members who have taken control of their diabetes using modern and innovative digital technologies.

What our client say

"Client-centric approach and excellent communication"

They’re communicative and responsive despite the time difference. Their dedication, responsiveness, and extensive development expertise allow them to accurately transform the client's unique and complex ideas into reality

pan chaudhury

Pan Chaudhury
CEO and co-founder of Perry Health

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