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An AI-powered workspace that automates all the dull work that slows you down, empowering you to spend less time linking, organizing, and searching and more time discovering.

• Responsive web app

• OpenAI integration


• Frontend

• Backend

• Unit tests

• e2e Tests


• ReactJS

• NodeJS

• GraphQL

• Yjs/hocuspocus

• chromaDB

About the client

Saga is an innovative startup that offers collaborative solutions to various teams, leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance creativity and productivity.

The challenge

Our team faced several challenges in this project. Firstly, we needed to closely collaborate with the main development team, ensuring seamless coordination.

We had to familiarize ourselves with cutting-edge technologies, understanding how the project operates and how Yjs efficiently manages real-time changes, synchronizing them across different end-parties.


Another aspect of the project involved gaining expertise in the Slate editor and its integration with Yjs.

The solution

Our team successfully collaborated for creating Saga AI through seamless integration with OpenAI.

Our approach involved implementing the Conversation API to generate and fine-tune text within the editor. We also incorporated predefined commands and allowed users to create custom prompts that they could save as favorites.


Furthermore, we continue to actively develop this project, with a particular focus on enhancing AI embeddings for user-generated content.

Web application

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Core features & functionalities

Generate content

The end user can effortlessly generate content with a single click, saving valuable time and allowing a focus on what truly matters.

Brainstorm ideas

When needing to outline his next blog post, project brief, or email, user can quickly access assistance to brainstorm ideas.


The platform gives the ability to translate content into over 20 languages directly within Saga, eliminating the need to switch to another workspace.

Check grammar

Ensuring clear and mistake-free writing is easy. User can check his spelling when required, all without the need for an additional tool.


Еasily rephrase text to reach a desired tone, opting for simpler words or requesting Saga to provide a summary.

ChatGPT integration

Leverage the capabilities of AI seamlessly within ones workspace, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Customisable prompt

Gives flexibility to delve into countless conversational options and customize the interaction according to ones preferences.

The outcome

Our team successfully collaborated for the development of an AI-powered tool, empowering teams to seamlessly share knowledge and work together. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, we have successfully enhanced user productivity and creativity. Our ongoing commitment involves further exploration of the vast potential AI offers.

What our client say

"The project is going very well, we are aligned on expectations and on the ways how we work together as a team."

We work in a very agile environment with rapid feedback and short iteration cycles. Velocity has been good and exceeding expectations. App Streams was also very helpful in providing extensive DevOps and QA support when we needed it.


Filip Stanev
CEO at Saga

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