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App Streams' Epic Summer Getaway

When the sun comes out and the team gathers, remarkable moments are bound to unfold... We've got some juicy details about our four-day summer team building in Sunny Beach. So, take your coffee and join us as we rewind the clock and relive the moments that made our stay - a stay to remember.

Day One: The Beginning

Picture this: a bunch of smiling faces gathering at a stunning resort, excitement bouncing like a blown-up beach ball. Yup, that was us on day one! To boost the good mood even more we surprised our team with some super cool branded gear. Think t-shirts, cinch bags, beach towels, and water bottles that became our hydration heroes.

First moments - the good mood rises

A few moments later we found ourselves on a beach volleyball court. Sand between our toes, fierce competition, and plenty of hilarious near-misses – it was a perfect combination of bonding and good laughs. And those resort pools? Splish-splashing our way to poolside perfection.

The resort had everything we needed to have the best time together

Day Two: Aquapark Awesomeness and Party Fever

Day two had us soaring to new heights – sliding, to be exact. Slides, twists and turns, tsunamis, freefalls and kamikazes, all of them were conquered and enjoyed on the max. We left our worries and embraced the childlike joy of a water wonderland.

The moments that bring out the child in you. I believe it's what is called a true freedom :)

After wе braved the waves, a dinner that felt like a gourmet adventure awaited us at Sunny Beach's hottest restaurant. And guess what? We had a surprise up our sleeves – a belated birthday present for our pal Tony!

Warmness, funny stories and exceptional meals prepared us for the next stop

The sun may have set, but our spirits were up high. We headed to the best beach bar and made a stop or two on the way. We danced, laughed, and partied under the stars, creating memories that'll make us smile for years to come.

"It's a night to remember if you can't remember it..."

Day Three: Questing for Treasures and Chasing Riddles

Rise and shine – or at least attempt to – because day three meant early morning adventures. We teamed up and explored Old Nessebar, unraveling its secrets one riddle at a time. Shoutout to our partners at Treasure Hunt BG for crafting a treasure hunt that had us feeling like real-life explorers!

Every team had it's own strategy... but just one got the first prize 🏆

We cracked codes, solved puzzles, and maybe asked a few too many strangers for directions. Three hours of pure, childish fun later, we were victorious – tired but oh-so-triumphant.

Evenings of Strategy and Shenanigans

Evenings were all about winding down, right? Well, not exactly. Strategic board games were our jam, and "Secret Hitler" was the real deal. Friends became foes, alliances were forged, and let's say it got hilariously confusing – in the best way possible. We became so skilled at it that you'd think we were born secret agents!

the whole team playing games with smiles and good mood
The penthouse was our secret lodge 🕵️

Saying Goodbye

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Sunday morning arrived, and we had to bid farewell to the stunning Sunny Beach and our cozy resort. But fret not, because the bonds we tied, the memories we made, and the giggles that echoed through those sun-soaked days are here to stay.

the whole team gathered on a terrace with branded gear
"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever." - Amy Poehler

Conclusion: A Summertime Saga to Cherish

With renewed energy and a stronger sense of togetherness, our team is ready to tackle the future, driven by the memories of an unforgettable summer team building.

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Stay tuned for more tales from our App Streams adventures!


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