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From Remote to Cozy: How we adopted the Hybrid Working model

offIsn’t it crazy how fast time flies? Exactly one year ago we crossed the threshold of our very first office space. Even before the pandemic, our team was used to fully remote working. We knew switching to the office will be a journey full of new experiences. Let's celebrate this milestone by looking back at how we got here and what we’ve learned over the past year.

app streams team on a meets video call
Our morning coffee meetings on Wednesdays

The Need for Change

As a small team, we had been working remotely for several years, having the perfect alignment on the projects. Online communication was going smoothly till 2021 when our team doubled. Five ongoing projects and new business opportunities were waiting on the table. Operating remotely started to feel a little bit isolating. It was hard for the employees to communicate and bond with the new team members outside of their projects.

We needed to find a way to bring everyone together while preserving the flexibility that had been so important to our success.

The decision to Move

After careful consideration, we decided to give the hybrid work model a try. We had to find a way to achieve the perfect balance between remote and in-office work. To remain productive and creative, our team needed a workspace that was comfortable and inviting.

We wanted to create an environment that encourages collaboration and team bonding. So we went on a mission to discover the best place. Looking for a space that meets all of our requirements - location, space, vibe, and coziness took us weeks. Luckily we found the perfect one and moved in March 2022.

The Transition

With such awesome and outgoing people on our team, we knew this change will evoke positive reactions. Even though the transition was not that challenging we planned and prepared every step to reassure the success of our mission.

-> Choosing the right work model

To incorporate the new hybrid working into our existing culture we kept the flexibility and chose two in-office days model. The whole team now gathers on-site twice a week for important meetings and discussions.

-> Keeping the balance

We also made the in-office days optional to balance the need for fully remote work on occasion.

-> Creating a cozy workplace

We had to adjust to the new office space and come up with interior improvements and desk enhancements to ensure everyone felt cozy and comfortable.

Here is how our workplace has quickly become a hub for creativity and collaboration, fostering a team spirit like no other.⁣⁣

The Benefits

Working in the same space allowed us to collaborate more effectively and strengthened the team dynamic. It’s also easier for colleagues to communicate with each other, read moods and emotions, and bounce ideas off one another in a shared space.

This energy and a positive working atmosphere can’t be replicated remotely or through video calls and is essential for the success of any team.

Looking Ahead

We’re proud to be celebrating our first office anniversary and will continue improving this work environment where everyone feels comfortable, creative, and productive.

Looking forward to all the possibilities that the future holds.

app streams team in the outdoor office space


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