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Best Practices from Mobile Development

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I’m Stefan - a Mobile and Web Developer at App Streams. I started my IT journey 6 years ago and I consider this one of the best decisions in my life. Before that, I worked in one of the biggest telecoms in Bulgaria and there I realized which work industry suits me best. In the same period, I participated in several Java courses and after completing them I was lucky to join a startup company developing and delivering mobile applications as an Android developer. For five years in a row, I was working on different and interesting applications using Android SDK (native platform). This period was crucial for the development of my programming skills.

After the startup journey, I continued my career in another company offering one of the best trading platforms for stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments. Their android application was downloaded by more than 5 million users at that moment and this was a big challenge for me to develop and support it. Two years later App Streams happened to me.

When and how did your career journey start at App Streams?

In 2019 Stoyan contacted me with an interesting offer related to the development of new mobile application features. My role was of course the Android part. The collaboration was fantastic and the result was exceeding expectations. Not a long time after this Stoyan came to me with an offer to join the App Streams team full-time.

The key point for me to accept the proposal was learning new technologies like React Native and ReactJS and I took the challenge.

What is your favorite project you worked on? What kind of challenges have you faced?

I’m still working on my favorite project. It’s a healthcare platform that connects patients with their care providers. The architecture is complex and provides a common codebase for a mobile application that uses React Native and the same codebase is used for a web application that is built on the ReactJS framework. This gives us great flexibility as developers but sometimes maintaining such an architecture brings challenges as well.

What are your best technologies? Can you share with us a case where you have discovered something new or started/ created something from scratch?

With joining the App Streams team I’ve expanded my tech stack by working extensively on React Native and ReactJS projects, so currently I could use Android (Kotlin, Java), React Native (Javascript), and ReactJS (Javascript). Of course, I desire to add new skills and technologies on top of that.

So far, every project that I was involved in was useful to me and has given me valuable experience.

Currently, I’m working on a style migration from React Native Stylesheet to the SaSS CSS library and I see how flexible and cool CSS can be with that kind of extension.

What is the feeling of being part of App Streams?

I would say the feeling is great. Every day is a new and interesting challenge for me and whenever I wake up I know that I’ll learn something new and I’ll face challenges that will help me in my career development. And last but not least - the team is great and I hardly would replace it.

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